Coreena Vieth

My husband, Roy Vieth, and I are the owners and operators of a photography tourism business "Shutterbug Walkabouts" offering photography tours and outdoor workshops in stunning Tasmania, Australia. Roy is an award-winning photographer and also offers customised one-on-one photography tuition as part of our business; Roy's portfolio can be found at

I am an amateur photographer who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and capturing images that reflect the scenes I observe with my own eyes; I especially enjoy observing and photographing wildlife and birds in their natural habitats. As a tour guide I aim to interpret the scenes in a way that enhances the visual perspective to create photographs that evoke your memories long after your journey.

I hope you enjoy browsing my portfolio comprising a diverse range of images that I have captured from home and away.

Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP)

Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP)

The Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP) is critically endangered with only about 60-70 birds left in the wild ... so it's a pretty special thing to photograph these fellas in their natural habitat. The OBP summer breeding habitat is the coastal ‘button grass’ plains in Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness World Heritage Area, the area in and surrounding Melaleuca. All OBP's depart Tasmania for their winter habitats along the coastline of Victoria and South Australia - if all goes well they'll return safely to Tasmania around October for the next summer breeding season.

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