Coreena Vieth

My husband, Roy Vieth, and I are the owners and operators of a photography tourism business "Shutterbug Walkabouts" offering photography tours and outdoor workshops in stunning Tasmania, Australia. Roy is an award-winning photographer and also offers customised one-on-one photography tuition as part of our business; Roy's portfolio can be found at

I am an amateur photographer who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and capturing images that reflect the scenes I observe with my own eyes; I especially enjoy observing and photographing wildlife and birds in their natural habitats. As a tour guide I aim to interpret the scenes in a way that enhances the visual perspective to create photographs that evoke your memories long after your journey.

I hope you enjoy browsing my portfolio comprising a diverse range of images that I have captured from home and away.

Geastrum triplex -  'earthstar fungi'

Geastrum triplex - 'earthstar fungi'

Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania, is a wonderful location for photographing fungi.

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